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What is CBD?

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is an identified cannabinoid substance found in cannabis plants. This active ingredient found in cannabis is an essential component of medical marijuana. While CBD reacts with the body (as all cannabinoid molecules do), it is not psychoactive. Non-psychoactive drugs produce the medical benefits that psychoactive drugs provide, but do not induce the “high” that is generally associated with THC. While the absolute effects of CBD have not been directly listed, medical marijuana has been tested safely and continuously in ongoing attempts to prove its benefits. It seems that every testing process that is completed on the idea of medical marijuana brings a new benefit and use to its name. While this process is still new, the benefits of medical marijuana are becoming more relevant every day.

What are the benefits of CBD?
  1. Pain relief.
    Whether joints, muscles, or general aching, CBD has got you covered. CBD has been known to reduce or even cure pain found in those treated by medical marijuana.
  2. Cancer reducer.
    CBD has been known to stop the spreading of cancer cells in patients while diminishing it completely in others.
  3. Mood/mental calming solution.
    CBD has treated mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, and many others. Medical marijuana chemicals bind to the receptors of cannabinoid in the brain creating a new balance of chemicals that creates feeling of euphoria.
What is a Tincture?

While the effects, methods of use, and benefits of CBD are still being discovered, there have been a few methods of consumption that have been proven to work well in the body. One of these processes is through a tincture. Consuming CBD through tinctures is the perfect option for those first beginning a cannabis-based treatment.
CBD tinctures are produced through a very careful process that begins with the steeping of cannabis flowers in a grain that is high in alcohol. Low heat is applied to this mixture and is left to simmer for a considerable amount of time. The remains of this liquid are both potent and significant to the CBD treatment process.

How do I take a Tincture?

While other methods of consuming CBD (i.e.: smoking, edibles, etc.) are concerned with taking a larger portion of the treatment, tinctures are slightly different. Tinctures are potent and powerful. This means that only a small amount is needed to receive the same effects as other methods.

Most tinctures include a built-in dropper that provides ease of access to small amounts of the CBD mixture that lies inside. These tinctures can be mixed into certain foods, coffee, tea, and more. Tinctures may also be taken without food or drink by placing the measured amount directly under the tongue. While research is still ongoing, it seems as if this direct method provides slightly better results than the diluting of the solution.

While CBD is still tested and researched today, the benefits and effects of the drug have proven themselves time and time again. Trust the treatment that is natural and effective to help you find relief.


Lab Tested CBD for Purity

HempPower.com was founded in 2019 by an industry expert with the intention of creating CBD and Hemp Oil products that deliver results. Each formula goes through a rigorous scientific process and testing to ensure it delivers exactly what our customers need to maintain their health and wellness.

Likewise, all of our ingredients are sustainably sourced from the purest plants to guarantee that when you purchase a HempPower.com product you are purchasing the best of the best in the CBD market.


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This is the first time I’ve started using CBD oil and I’m really impressed. I was recommended a few brands but I really prefer the CBD oil at HempPower. I did my research and they have earned my trust.

Xiamora Pichardo

I have social anxiety at some situations can be overwhelming. Somedays I don’t want to leave the house. A friend of mine suggested to try a more natural alternative and I tried CBD and now it is an integral part of my life. It helps me cope with many different situations. I take it twice in the morning and in the evening.

Brandi Stamford

I have Arthritis and live in constant pain. Before I came across HempPower CBD oil I was taking up to 5 pills a day. It took a couple of months, but I am finally off the pills. I take the oilbefore bedtime and have been easily falling asleep.

William Brandford

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