Our CBD is sourced from agricultural hemp. We proudly make all our products in the USA. The demand for CBD-containing products is intense, global, and rapidly increasing. In fact, demand greatly exceeds current reserves, and what is available is generally of questionable or substandard quality. Hemp Power will supply the growing worldwide demand for CBD with standardized products meeting Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environment, Health and Safety (EHS), and Kosher standards. To accomplish this, the Company adheres to strict operational protocols at each stage of product manufacture. This commitment positions Hemp Power as the world leader in CBD standardization and quality. While no statement made about any CBD product has yet been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, our quality standards nevertheless remain the highest achievable.


Our World-Renowned Scientists

We have worked for years to make credible, science-based CBD products a reality. These efforts have led to the discovery and refinement of breakthrough methods for producing CBD with maximum Total Bioavailability.

Typically, as much as 95 percent of ordinary CBD is destroyed on its way to the bloodstream. Then, only a fraction of what gets there yields any effects. Without efficient Total Bioavailability™, ordinary CBD products are of limited use.

By applying sound scientific methods, our researchers in Israel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have made Total Bioavailability uniquely efficient.

Hemp Power vastly superior Total Bioavailability multiplies the strength of our products far beyond the reach of competitors


CBD Facts

Did you know? Science supports the premise that CBD is beneficial to human health. A growing number of scientists and healthcare professionals are exploring the potential of CBD for promoting well-being and overall health.Their findings are published in scientific and medical journals.

Hemp Is Packed With Complex Chemistry

Hemp Power has the expertise and breakthrough technologies to give you and your family confidence in our scientific integrity and the value of every Hemp Power product.

The Game Changer!

TRY fully water-soluble CBD — with unparalleled high bioavailability and rapid entry.

Hemp Power has successfully addressed absorption deficiencies with its proprietary Hemp Power Technology™. The enhanced solubility created with this technology (shown in the graph above) sets the stage for greater Total Bioavailability, resulting in maximum desired response.

Hemp Power is uniquely poised, given its distinctive scientific and technological advances, to efficiently deliver the benefits of CBD to the world.distinctive scientific and technological advances, to efficiently deliver the benefits of CBD to the world.





Both NEC and NEX protect CBD from decomposing in stomach acid; but ordinary CBD rapidly degrades. After only 30 minutes, almost 70% of ordinary CBD is gone, and all ordinary CBD is undetectable after 2 hours. However, even after 4 hours, CBD in Hemp Power Technology showed nodetectable degradation.